Movers Broke My Stuff!

One should always be careful in packing their belongings for a move and should also consider hiring professional help for the job. However you should pick a reliable and trustworthy company with solid insurance for your stuff as well. This way if any of your belongings get lost or damaged then you are well accounted

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Packing Glasses

Packing Glasses 1) Get all your supplies together. – Boxes – Tape – Packing paper – Scissors – Marker for labeling 1) Begin with creating a workstation to pack up your glasses. Kitchen table with a moving blanket or regular blanket will work. 2) Place packing paper on table. 3) Place crushed paper on the

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How to Pack your Kitchen

How to pack your kitchen? This video  includes packing tips for the following. – Plates – Glasses – Cups – Bowls – Odd shape glass  items – Pots & Pans – Small appliances Do not pack any food that is perishable. Seal the food that you will be packing with tape. For items that can

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