3 Places that Pick up your Donations in Chicago!

It’s always when moving that all of our lost treasures seem to surface.

Old clothes we once loved, toys we had as a child, or that lamp you got at that garage sale a few years ago.

Sometimes, though, time changes the way we fit into our old clothes or look at these items.

Maybe that lamp just doesn’t seem to fit in the living room the way it did before, or it certainly doesn’t go with the new minimalist décor you’d like to see in the new apartment.

 However time changes your view on these lost objects, there is always a place for these objects. If you live in the Chicago area, there are three locations that will pick up your used and unwanted items and put them to good use.

 Charity Pick-Up Services will accept clothing, shoes, linens, toys and other household items from garage and estate sales to benefit Vietnam Veterans and the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Give them a call at 877-337-3873 to pick up any donations.

 Purple Heart Veterans accept household items, clothing and gently used shoes to benefit veterans. You can call at 708-396-8995 or visit their website to put your donations in good hands.
The Salvation Army will also pick up any donations. They accept anything from used computers to basic household items and furniture. They also accept children’s books and used clothing, mattresses and used electronics. However, they will not accept medical equipment, textbooks, encyclopedias or office furniture. Call 888-574-2587 to find the closest location.

 Next time you move, think about what your hidden treasures could do for someone in need and consider calling one of these great resources that give helping hands.


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