3 Tricks & Best Practices for Listing Your Furniture on Craigslist in Chicago!

3 Tricks & Best Practices for Listing Your Furniture on Craigslist in Chicago


Most people consider selling items on Craigslist as recycling for money which can sometimes turn into more hassle.


Especially selling furniture in Chicago where a nice chunk of the population don’t have a car.


This article will not only guide you through some best practices that will help you sell that old furniture of yours on craigslist fast and efficiently but it will also teach you how to avoid getting scammed by dubious buyers online.


Listing your furniture on Craigslist is free, but the amount of time it might take you to create the listing and deal with potential buyers can easily outweigh the convenience of the listing in the first place.


Especially customers in Chicago that are “busy busy” and have very tight schedules. 


The key is attracting only quality buyers and weeding out the tire kickers by including all the specific information a potential buyer would want to know. 


State the dimension of your item, post multiple pictures (inside and out), and don’t forget to add some photos of the furniture taken close up and others taken farther back as this will provide buyers with a variety of angles to really access the item.


Always include at least 3 quality photos of your furniture and do not list those that are severely damaged.  Having your furniture staged will help standing out from the amateurs on Craigslist.


Be upfront with potential buyers and share picture of any slight damage they might want to know about before purchasing the item, this will make you look credible and help you weed out buyers who would not make a purchase if it had any damage whatsoever.


Pick 1 or 2 days with a 5 or 6 hour window when you will be available for potential customers to call/view/purchase.  Sunday would be available from 11AM-5PM.
Example:  I will be available on Sunday (11AM-4PM) and Wedneday from (4PM-9PM).
This will help minimize the back and forth emails/calls, scheduling time for showing.  This may be the biggest time spender during this whole process of selling on Craigslist in Chicago.
What’s the best title for my Craigslist Ad?
Get audience Attention! 
There are 100’s of other furniture listings that you will be competing with.
Capitalize the first letter of each word.  


Trick #1

List your item on Saturday or Sunday morning or late Sunday night. Trends have shown that people are more likely to be shopping at Craigslist over the weekend or first thing Monday morning.

Following this trick will help to improve the odds of selling your item in 24 hours or less of posting your listing.


 Trick #2

Talk to potential buyers on phone briefly before inviting them over to your house. This will enable you get a sense of if they’re serious and will also keep you and your family safe before giving out your physical address.

Don’t forget to request that the buyer pay in cash when you speak on phone. Feel free to discuss pricing while addressing the buyers concern while discussing on phone.


 Trick #3

Beware of Payments that are not cash and out-of-state transactions.

Craigslist is a local business and a cash business which means if you get an email response to your ad asking you to ship an item promising you a cashier’s check, suggesting a wire transfer or otherwise promising anything but an in-person meeting, it’s likely a scam.

Hit your ‘delete’ button and move on.

Thankfully, craigslist has an entire page about common scams that users should read even before they believe they’re being duped.


If your furniture doesn’t sell before you move consider calling Salvation Army for donation pick up.


Hope this info is helpful

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