Additional Hidden Fees Movers Can Charge You!

No Hidden Fees 


We are not saying all moving companies charge all these additional fees listed,

but keep in mind when you are hiring your movers.

 Based on some reviews on Movers in the Chicago area these are the additional

fees that some people ran into while moving.





Example # 1 – Time spent driving the moving truck from pick up to drop off. Ask your mover how city traffic is factored in the price of transport.

  • Additional weight of items – Do they charge by the weight of your items or the space you use in the moving truck.
  • Long carry feet. -The distance to your front or back door to the moving truck. Usually 75 feet is included with the move.
  • Cost per stair (Example 3rd and 2nd floor apartment moves)
  • Insurance – link to previous blog post
  • Boxes and packing materials (boxes, tape, shrink wrap, ect.)
  • Packing your TV
  • Packing pictures
  • Storage fee
  • Overnight fee – If your stuff stays on the moving truck overnight
  • Truck Fee
  • Wrapping furniture
  • Extra charge for bulky items
  • Elevator fees
  • Moving cancelation fee
  • Travel fee
  • Disposal fee – the removal of your used cardboard boxes and packing materials (Post move)
  • Payment method (cash/check vs. credit card)
  • Appliance service – An extra charge per hour will apply if the moving company is unable to make the originally scheduled delivery or pickup due to an issue at the move location; such issues could be no parking or an inaccessible driveway or elevator.

 Hope this info is helpful when hiring your next movers.

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