Bid for your out of State Move!


Relocation from one place to another may be a grueling and gruesome task.

UShip is the marketplace that connects the people to the relocation solutions. 
They allow customers to name their price and bid for their shipment.
 This gives transporters the opportunity to fill unoccupied space in their vehicles.
It is also a profitable proposition to hire their services because they offer huge discounts when transporters are opening the bids for filling up the trucks. 
Transporters offer a competitive rate so that business may be won and hence the amount spends by you is decreased. 
Using the uShip Marketplace
They have an online portal that offers you the flexibility to choose the kind of transport you want. 
This is done in two steps-
1. List your itinerary in the marketplace and let the hundreds of transporters in Chicago connect with you to offer their services.
2. Use the directory by checking the rating and feedback of various transporting companies and then ask for a bid.
 Our blog is also a great place to find tips for making moving a much more efficient and pleasant experience.
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