Complaints About Renting Mobile Moving Storage Container


The concept of having a Moving Storage Container dropped off at your home is said to be a smart and innovating way to move your home. 

You get to load and unload your moving storage container on your time.  Once you fill your container you call the rental company and they will pick it up. The moving storage container company will then take it to your new address or store it. 

We have researched and read many reviews from customers who have used Mobile Storage Containers.  We took the top 5 customer complaints by reviews and came up with the following list you should keep in mind when ordering this service. 


moving-boxes-now-pods1. The moving storage container company did not arrive during the time frame they said they would arrive.
TIP:  Keep in mind when ordering your container to ask the moving storage company to give you a direct phone number you can call if you need immediate assistance.  

2. Additional fees and storage costs.
TIP:  When ordering your container make sure they explain to you the following charges

  • Drop off and Pick up cost  the container
  • Different pricing for different size containers 
  • Any type of City or local permit needed to park your container
  • Transport
  • Storage fees (day,week,month)
  • Prorated Storage Fees
  • Insurance options 
  • Taxes 

Once you have this info you will have a better idea of what your cost will be for your needs.  


3.  My stuff was damaged, scratched, and broken while in the moving storage container.
TIP:  Make sure  to pack your container nice and tight with using plenty  of blankets, plastic wrap for furniture, and buggy cords.  Try to put your fragile items on the top and heavier things on the bottom.  When you pack up your container it will be lifted on a truck, transported on the road, and probably lifted again a few times. 


4. Items being wet and moldy after months of storage.
TIP:  Inspect your moving storage container once they drop it off.  Check for any leaks it may have, physical damage, or unique smells.    

We hope the info we provided to you will help make your renting a moving storage container experience a good one.

Please contact us if you need boxes delivered in the Chicago area.

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