How much should I tip my movers?

Are you planning on hiring professional movers? 


Do you need an experienced crew to do the heavy lifting in order to facilitate an efficient and timely move? 


If a moving company is a new experience for you and your family, it would be helpful to know that tipping your movers is a customary act of appreciation for their service.

Although the amount that you tip is somewhat debatable.


We unofficially (off the record) asked 3 movers from 3 different highly rated/reviewed moving company’s in the Chicago area “what is a fair tip to receive from a customer?”


The following responses were given. 




The first mover stated their preference of a flat, hourly rate tip that is typically within the range of $10-$20 per hour, per hired mover. For example, if the Smith family employed 2 movers from Company A and they both contributed 3 hours of service, the Smiths might consider tipping $60-$120 total depending on their level of satisfaction.




Mover B admitted that they would prefer 10-20% of the total moving cost as an overall tip. In this case, workers equally split the tip that is graciously provided.




The final company interviewed reported a preference of a base tip that ranges between $30 and $50 per mover. If not that route, they suggested equally splitting the cash difference between the originally offered moving quote and the rate calculated by the actual completion time. For example, if the workers efficiently shaved off three hours from their original estimation, three times the hourly rate would be shared amongst each of the movers as a tip.


Movers certainly prefer a cash tip over generous snack and meal offerings. Although it is a kind gesture to tip anything, you don’t customarily think of tipping your restaurant waitress with anything other than money, so why would you tip your movers something else?


Depending on your location, the extent of your relocation, and the average cost of moving services in your immediate area, one of the above tipping options might be more suitable than the others.

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