How to Pack and Load a Moving Truck Like a Pro!

Playing Tetris With a Moving Truck









Packing and loading a moving truck is like playing a live version of Tetris.

Having a general idea of how to approach packing your moving truck will save you time and stress during the actual process of loading it.

Tips on How to Pack Your Moving Truck

  • Load heavier stuff like books, shelves, tables and other heavy boxes near the front of the moving truck.
  • Move the longer items into the truck. These will include your sofas, headboards, long mirrors, table-tops, and your box spring and mattress.
  • Make an even layer from left to right.
  • Avoid any gaps while packing the truck to make sure your stuff is secure. Pack tightly so your valuables don’t fall.
  • Pack from floor to ceiling. Take advantage of all the space in your moving truck.
  • Optional- Pack 2-3 foot tiers of items, and wrap a band around the items when you’re done with each layer to hold them together.
  • Put in any remaining items into the moving truck.
  • Tie down items in the back of the truck so they don’t fall when opening the truck to unload.
  • Choose boxes of similar size and strength so you can stack them on top of each other.
  • Use bags of clothing for extra cushion for fragile items loaded on the moving truck.
  • Make sure you tie stuff down to prevent anything from falling and breaking.

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