How to Pack Framed Artwork Safely!

 How to Pack Framed Artwork Safely

Some pictures are sort of meant to fill wall space:

You like them but 

you can’t classify them as “precious”.

But some pieces carry a lot of emotion for you.

Those you want to treat like a baby.

If the piece you are moving falls into that second category, here are the steps you would take to make sure your “baby” arrives at its new home without a scratch, dent or ding.



Packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, and picture boxes.


Types of picture boxes that can be used:


1)  4-Piece Picture Frame Box  (up to 40″ x 60″ x 3.5”)

2) Large Mirror Box (48” x 4” x33”)

3) Mirror box  (37″ x 4” x 27″)


Step by step:

1. Wrap artwork in paper…but you probably should clean it first if it’s extra dusty.

(But if the piece is really important to you it wouldn’t be dusty in the first place, would it?)

2.Then wrap it in the bubble wrap. (Your valuable art/pictures will be loving you back for this step!)

3.The pros recommend a second layer of bubble wrap. But the second layer is a judgement call on your part. Ask yourself this:”Just how precious is your “precious?”

4.Now in order to protect the corners of the frame we are going to create little paper “booties” for the corners.

Take a good sized piece of wrapping paper.

Probably about 18″ x 18″ or so and sort of crumple it up a bit so you almost form a roughly shaped ball.

Then take the ball of wrapping paper and gently jam it into one  corner.

Then tape it to the bubble wrap.

You will have effectively made a sort of shock absorber for the frame corner. Now repeat the process for the other three corners.

5.Take your picture frame box and place it on the table. Open it up and slide the wrapped picture frame into the box. You might have to do some more squeezing and compressing of the shock absorber “booties” at the corners… but it is better to have a tighter fit at the corners than a fit that is not so tight.

6.Now it is possible that the picture box is not quite big enough for your frame. No worries! Just proceed to close and tape the bottom of the picture frame box as you normally would. Don’t forget to add more crumpled packing paper along end to add as additional shock absorber.

Now we are almost done.


7.Take another picture frame box and slide it on over the entire assembly from the other direction. This will cover the exposed end of the picture frame and now the entire picture frame is boxed.

8.Place some crumpled packing paper along the bottom of the second box as you did for the first box end and close the new box end and tape securely.

9. Now taking your tape, tape the boxes together along the seam that was formed by joining the two boxes together.

If the picture frame boxes don’t have the word fragile on it is probably is a good idea to take a pen and write the word “Fragile” on it in a few conspicuous places.

Nice job! You went over and beyond the call of duty to make sure that your precious artwork arrives safely to its new home.

Hope this is helpful!

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