How to Pack your Kitchen

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How to pack your kitchen?

This video  includes packing tips for the following.

– Plates
– Glasses
– Cups
– Bowls
– Odd shape glass  items
– Pots & Pans
– Small appliances

Do not pack any food that is perishable.

Seal the food that you will be packing with tape.

For items that can spill pack them in a sealable bag to protect.

Getting Started:

1) Get all your supplies together.

– Boxes
– Tape
– Packing paper
– Scissors
– Marker for labeling

2) When packing fragile/glass items put crushed packing paper on the bottom of the assembled cardboard box.

3) Pack glass plates side ways in the box and “never flat.”

4) Put your heavier items on the bottom of the box.

5) Add crushed paper to any open space between items for extra support.

6) Seal the carton and label the box with items. Also include the word fragile on the box with an arrow facing UP.

Using blank newspaper packing paper will avoid getting ink on your plates and glasses (Messy).

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