Having trouble packing and moving your flat screen TV? Well, here are the answers to your problems. Typically people pay around $30 to $100 just to pack and move a flat screen TV. The goal for Moving Boxes is to teach you how to pack and move your flat screen for FREE!

There are a few easy and quick steps that you need to follow in order to achieve the ultimate goal. You will need to get all of your materials in order to create the perfect box that will fit your flat screen based on the size of it, which should usually be a bit bigger than the actual TV itself. But, what is the best way to obtain a box for free? Typically, you could just call your local retailers in your area that sell flat screen TV’s, and ask a worker experienced in that department if they have an extra box that is laying around their store from a demo television


What are some local retail stores, you may ask? A few examples: Target, Wal-Mart, K-mart, Sears, and Best Buy. Don’t have access to these local retail stores? Not to worry! You could also use a bicycle box to pack your TV! Many bike shops receive their bicycles in boxes, and have high cost of cardboard because they only have limited space in their trash.  What is so great about bicycle boxes you may ask? First of all they can hold a lot of weight, and second of all they are perfectly suited for flat screen televisions.  

 The next step of achieving your goal is to get the cushioning to protect your TV in its box. What is the best cushioning for your TV? The perfect protection for the flat screen television would be towels, different sized pillows and bubble wrap. In addition to the towels and pillows, you also need something flat and soft to go on top of the television screen. 


We recommend that you use a type of plastic bag to cover it up, and then cushion it with towels or pillows, just as long as there is plenty of padding inside the box. After you have protected the inside of the box, you then want to seal it up with some tape, and you’re ready to go! Need more tips? 


Moving Boxes suggests that you pack your flat screen TV with plenty of time, especially because finding the box will be the most time consuming. The best way is to start packing your TV within 30 days of your moving.  There you go folks! You have just saved yourself $30 to $100 in packing your own TV!

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