Labor Only Help for Moving in Chicago!!

Are you renting a moving truck for your move?
Are you moving within the same building where you currently reside?
Are you moving to or from a 3rd floor apartment?
 Need help loading and unloading the truck?
More and more customers have been asking us where they can hire labor only movers to help with moving in the Chicago area.
Google moving help powered by u-hual.
They have an excellent service offering their customers the opportunity to contact reliable and experienced – labor only- movers in their area. 
The site not only provides a quick list of local Chicago movers along with their customer rating, services, and pricing, it also allows you to sort through the list by performance, price, and most jobs completed.
When you’re getting ready to move, the task of loading all of those packed boxes and furniture into a truck by yourself can seem overwhelming, especially if you have young children to look after. 
Many professional moving companies charge outrageous rates for helping with a move;  including the transportation, weight, and mileage of your stuff.
We searched the  entire site to find the 3 most reviewed providers in Chicago.
1)  Fallen Movers, which has a five-star rating with 491 total customer reviews. Their two person crew offers two hours of moving help for the incredibly low price of $160  
2) Flex Force has been reviewed by 1,471 customers. Their two person crew charges $165 for two hours of moving help. 
3) Moverman has five stars from 145 customers, and charge a $230 fee for their two person crew to come out and help for two hours. 
3 Least Expensive Chicago Movers.
On a tight budget?
MH allows you to sort movers by price, which made finding the least expensive help in the Chicago area incredibly easy. 
1) Mike Neal  has a five star rating from 162 total customers. He offers a full four hours of moving help for only $120. 
2) Chicago and NWI Moving Men, a two person crew that offers three hours of moving help for only $122. They have three customers reviews with  a 4.5 star rating.
3) Lynwood Home Moving offers three hours of help from their two person crew for $131.97. They’ve earned a 4.5 star review from their 16 customers.
 If you need some boxes for moving  in the Chicago area, contact us at Moving Boxes Now. We have plenty of boxes that we can deliver to you to make moving less stressful. 
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