Movers Broke My Stuff!

One should always be careful in packing their belongings for a move and should also consider hiring professional help for the job. However you should pick a reliable and trustworthy company with solid insurance for your stuff as well. This way if any of your belongings get lost or damaged then you are well accounted for. When movers break your stuff you should be prepared with any sort of insurance or agreement with the moving companies.


Companies offer various insurance plans for their customers in the case of damaged/lost goods such as:-


 1. 60 cents a pound – this implies that the for every pound of good lost or damaged, the company shall pay the customer 60 cents. 

 Meaning that only the weight of the good is considered, not its value. 

This plan doesn’t offer much to the customer in the case of lost valuables and important goods.


2. Full Value Protection – under this policy, the moving company is fully liable for any damaged/lost goods in your entire shipment. 

 The movers can either reimburse you with a cash settlement for the damages done, can offer to repair the item(s) for your convenience or can replace the item with a similar item.

This is the most complete protection offered by the movers for your belongings.


3. Deductibility – this states that the customer can deduct the fee of the movers (upto a pre-agreed amount) for any damages done or any items lost during the shipment.

 If any of your items get damaged/lost then you can make a claim against the moving company. 

Check for any damaged or missing items during the delivery and if found, issue a claim to the company with full details of the damages.

Common items damaged during a move include furniture, glass items/crockery, floorboards, electric appliances, etc.

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