Packing Glasses

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Packing Glasses

1) Get all your supplies together.

– Boxes
– Tape
– Packing paper
– Scissors
– Marker for labeling

1) Begin with creating a workstation to pack up your glasses. Kitchen table with a moving blanket or regular blanket will work.

2) Place packing paper on table.

3) Place crushed paper on the bottom of your assembled cardboard box.

4) Wrap glasses individually with packing paper by placing them in the middle and rolling. 

 start rolling the glass from the bottom left side of the packing paper

5) Place glasses upside down in the box.

6) Once you have a full row of glasses in your box place additional packing paper on top of them.

Fill loose space in the box with crushed packing paper.

7) Add a few sheets of packing paper on the top of the items that are in your box.

8) Seal the box with tape and label it with its contents.


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