Recycling Furniture in Chicago? DO NOT DUMP!

People moving local or long-distance from Chicago may not want to move unwanted furniture.  Some people end up throwing it in the garbage because they could not find a person or place to donate it.
The best way to get rid of furniture is by selling it to family and friends of friends.  This is the easiest way since friends and family trust you and have mostly likely seen the piece of furniture you want to get rid of.  
Make sure to take great pictures.  That will increase your chances of making the sale or giving it away for free.
Transporting and delivering the furniture is your next step.  
Look into Schlep-it, task rabbit, or dolly if you do not want the hassle of lifting, loading, and delivering your furniture.  Most likely, if you giving your furniture away the receiver should pay and handle the logistics.
There are obviously a lot more ways to get rid of unwanted furniture in Chicago.  Working with your local Chicago friends of friends and family is your best shot.
Please keep Moving Boxes Now in mind if you need boxes delivered in the Chicago area.   
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