Reusing cardboard boxes for your next move

10,000,000 Moves = Countless Boxes Used

Ten million – the number of moves made in America in one year.  That’s just homeowners, alone!  Imagine how many moves are made with businesses added into that equation.  With every move, in every home, for every room, boxes are packed, tapped, transported, unpacked and then discarded.  If you multiply the several boxes packed per home by the number of moves made, it could mean that millions, maybe even billions, of boxes are used once and thrown away in America each year.  

Throwing away boxes in such mass amounts each year can take quite a toll on our earth.  The production of new boxes uses new natural resources – especially water and energy.  Prematurely disposing of boxes that are still viable results in placing them into landfills or shipping them out to sea.  People don’t normally use reusable storage bins for moves, so they don’t make for a cost-friendly alternative.  What is the solution to this unsustainable problem?

Gently Used Boxes

Moving Boxes Now makes moving easy by delivering used boxes to your home to help you move.  If you purchase one 3-Bedroom package (60+ boxes) from Moving Boxes Now, you will have saved an entire pine tree.  Since they deliver in Chicago, you won’t have to waste time looking for boxes around town.  Also, since the boxes are gently used, they are more budget friendly than purchasing new boxes.  With all of these great attributes for helping you personally and environmentally, there’s no reason you should ever go searching for new boxes to help you pack for a move again.  Let Moving Boxes Now make your next moves simple and eco-friendly!

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