Winter Moving Tips

Moving in the winter months can be very challenging. When you book your move in advance you do not always know what the weather is going to be. Super cold, light snow, or heavy snow can all be a factor.

Here are a few tips we learned and would like to share.

Winter Moving Tips

  • Plan that your move will take more time then if you were moving in the summer.
  • Clear all snow and ice with shovels and salt in both places your moving. Try to do as early as possible and keep your shovel and salt handy.
  • If you have pets you may want to find a pet sitter for that day.
  • Avoid having your furniture and boxes sitting outside. Your stuff should either be inside the moving truck or inside.
  • Heating should be on at your new home 24 hours before you move in.

Keep Moving Boxes Now in mind if you need boxes for moving. Stay warm Chicago!

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